Karl Constantine FOLKES

We Live By Our Myths

Retired educator of Jamaican ancestry with a lifelong interest in composing poetry dealing particularly with the metaphysics of self-reflection; completed a dissertation in Children’s Literature in 1995 at New York University entitled: An Analysis of Wilhelm Grimm’s “Dear Mili” Employing Von Franzi…

Folk and fairytales.
“Innocent” nursery rhymes.
Biblical tales.
Literature — in general.
All have hidden messages.

All convey some truths.
Displayed, revealed — embellished.
Artfully portrayed.
Fancifully kept alive.
In ancient myths and legends.

These are documents.
And they must all be treasured.
Must be kept alive.
As historical records.
To be preserved with much care.

Poets write of them.
They are a special genre.
Of information.
Philosophers mention them.
They are who — and what we are.

We are all dreamers.
We are all storytellers.
Our lives are mythic.
Some truths known — and some hidden.
Some forever falsified.

We live by our myths.
Ours are “truthful” — others “false.”
We classify things.
We are all classifiers.
Living a life of Tall Tales.

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