Trance Painting

Trance painting
Music beating rhythm the hall is filled with hippy folk

  mushrooms kicking in
He begins to paint a hill

  with a yellow sun overhead
Broad strokes brown and
green and there a dab of red

Black light strobeblacklight
teetharewhte ohsowhite
inthislight inthisblacklight

Now he swirls his strokes

  changing from a hill to an erupting volcano
The sun which had appeared
before bright above the hill
Has become fiery balls of fire

  Hot volcanic spill

Trancevibe ebbs and flows

  with the waving in my chest
it grows and grows
Many happy folk and hippy
folk are happy folk are here
Come to share with one another companionship and cheer

Music beating rhythm
painter rests his brush
the canvas mural it is done
He began to paint a hill

  with a yellow sun overhead
Now a Flamenco flowing dress in her hands are castanets