Scotty Taback

Two of me.

Just a High school senior who very much enjoys writing poetry. I has become a big interest of mine and it allows me to express myself in ways I couldn’t imagine. I would be honored to receive criticism, positive or negative from anyone.

Who you gonna call now?
It all gone?
Where will you go?
Without them who even are you?
Whoa whoa
You’re as white as a ghost, calm down
It’s going to be okay
I’m here
Not forever, But as long as you need me
It’s been a long winter
Winter is like my unbearable boss
Something you rarely enjoy the company of
But still have to endure
You can do this
I’m here go for now, to boost your morale
Don’t you worry
you can find yourself if you really look
But only if you try
I’m not here for long
I’m not here to fix
I’m here to assist
Anything you may need
Just give me a hollar, a call, a letter and I’ll be there
Yours, truly.