Lisa Campbell

Domina of the Forest Green

I am 56 years old. I love to write poems, short stories and lyrics.

Domina of the Forest Green
Hidden beneath a canopy of leaves
I dwell in a cave dark as death
And drink from the river of mother nature’s breast

I gather brush, branches and sage
Build a fire, and fan the flames
Bathed in moonlight and in the company of Fae
We dance and sing, I pray and I prey

I mix wildflowers, incense and seeds
A magical potion to serve all my needs
I stir and stir with a magical ladle
Old as time made of silver and hazel

I gather wishes from the old stone well
Clear the cobwebs and cast a spell
I chant, I meditate and I scry
And ponder who may live or die

The pure most heartfelt desires come true
Selfish and greedy, times three return to you
Hope is given to good souls lost
A coin in the fountain and fingers crossed

I am the pith of legend and lore
Light, shadow, calm and storm
From the darkest heart conjured into creation
I broke through the vail of twisted imagination

A crown of elderberry and twigs of thyme
Sets atop muddy locks of braided vine
Eyes that see what is yet to be
I am Domina of the forest green