Mikayla Taylor

Another Poem Featuring a Rose

Mikayla is a junior in college, majoring in Acting for the Stage and Screen and minoring in Creative Writing. She loves the performing arts and has a passion for directing and playwriting. She recently rediscovered her love for writing and began experimenting with poetry. She also loves drawing, pa…

Behind the walls and leaves there grows a rose.
Its beauty draws a pair of lovers near,
Not telling them its thorns pierce like a spear.
It dies, it’s plucked, it’s planted, and it grows.
She knows the garden gates will someday close.
Alone, she looks around. She’s filled with fear
That they’ll be seen. She sheds a single tear.
Then he appears. He stares. Her heart- it glows.

He ponders going to her house of old
But thinks of how he left her years ago.
Of course, to knock would come across too bold.
No matter what, their love had reached its low.
So, he just stood there, shivering in the cold.
He dropped his rose. It landed in the snow.

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