Agbaingya Luseter


I called;
Hello God Almighty,
It's been a while I officially called
"Am sorry", I said
It has not been easy
My vision got too clumsy
The road has been tough
The path has been rough
The pressure is getting high
We struggle with a sigh

I called;
Hello God Almighty
The battle has been fierce
But with You, I have no fears.
Come take the wheels
Before the devil take the rears
Don't let me grow wiery
Cos there's alot of fury
My name; A new vision completely
It shouldn't get tagged; ‘mission incomplete’

I called;
Hello God Almighty,
Let me dine with you
With my whole soul
Grant this my request
Keep me away from any evil bouquet
Lord; don't allow me get funnelled
By the devil; into a dark tunnel
Hello Almighty, Your wish is supreme
But please don't leave us with screams.