Tracy Mcfayden

Night to day

I'm 56 single mum to two 20+ lads. I used to craft and make jewellery but due to rheumatoid arthritis I had to stop. In 2020 when i was forced to stay home due to being immunosuppressive I was bored. One night having flash backs about the day I had to put my dog to sleep I started getting all theseā€¦

Bright golden moon,
Behind the clouds,
Between the stars,
In the black of night,
Suspended in the sky,
So close yet so far,
Coming every night,
Leaving by dawns early light,
The sun appearing,
Sun and moon pass each other,
One dark one light,
Will they ever meet?,
Then ....... The eclipse comes,
Sun and moon come together,
All to soon they part,
Like lovers,
Lost in time and space never to unite.