Sapan H Shah

In Yourself You Seek

Writing poetry and songs for past couple of decades.

In yourself if you seek not...
What is left to live?
A serenade of lust, pomp and mere passage of time!?
If yourself is not a demon, not a god...
Are you but just a reflection of a mirrored mime!?
While the universe hides in your soul...
And cosmic power unites to hold your form
In yourself if you seek not...
Are you just a mechanical device to mimic
Few primal emotions inborn!?

In yourself if you seek...
A man, a woman, an animal, a plant
A fact, a truth, a lie, a mirage
All five elements within shall answer
In yourself is everything,
Nothing is beyond!
In stillness, in movement, in silence, in chaos
Lies traces of you... oh! and you are the cause
In yourself will you seek
All that has ever been... and all that will arise