Karl Constantine FOLKES

I Saw Him on the Road Less Taken

Retired educator of Jamaican ancestry with a lifelong interest in composing poetry dealing particularly with the metaphysics of self-reflection; completed a dissertation in Children’s Literature in 1995 at New York University entitled: An Analysis of Wilhelm Grimm’s “Dear Mili” Employing Von Franzi…

I saw him on the road less taken.
The gentleman named Robert Frost.
While I was frail and quite forsaken.
He, most certainly, was not lost.

While he marched merrily with a fife.
I wore a knapsack on my back.
Burden carried from a distaff life.
Recklessly pursued without knack.

“How fare you maiden, on your way.
Traveling alone without a guide.
I hope your journey is without dismay.
Be careful of the paths that hide!”

I looked at him and saw him smile.
He had a twinkle in one eye.
His charming face seemed without a guile.
It made me shudder with a sigh.

How I since childhood squandered all.
Discouraged by advice given.
Unprepared for eventual fall.
Instead, was selfishly driven.

He sensed my thoughts; and he smiled again.
“Young Miss, you’ll find the road ahead.
Grants you chance of fortune to attain.
By changing course — that way, instead!”

Head nodding, and pointing to the right.
That Robert Frost seemed to make sense.
With quick steps he vanished — out of sight.
Leaving me wandering; quite tense.

The chance was mine to heed what was heard.
Or go astray — a stubborn lass.
I knew his kind words were not absurd,
I must confess it had pizazz.

The thorns pricked me; made me shed a tear.
And looking back, I saw Frost point.
Admittedly, I swear, there was fear.
Voice of reason made me listen.

Summoning strength, I gained new insight.
Road less taken makes a difference.
May keep one out of many a plight.
As a signpost — and a reference.

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