Jessica Millitello

Giving up

Waiting for the day to come to an end,
So I can finally escape my reality again.
I do my best to push through,
But it seems I'm failing that too.
Nothing really quite ever gets done,
And I am struggling to find a reason.
I sit here all day fighting my depression,
And prraying no one notices or questions,
My lack of desire or motivation to care,
Because really there isn't any there.
I have given up completely,
I'm like a ghost of what I used to be.
Jessica is gone along with every dream,
The bipolar has finally won it seems.
I'm just waiting for this body to give in,
And finally join the emptiness within.
I have always forced myself to be strong,
But somehow now it feels all wrong.
There is nothing strong about me,
And really there never was honestly.
Another day gone that I refused to fight,
Night is here and with it still no relief in sight.