Jessica Millitello


The worst kind of pain,
Is when you're just there.
You can't breathe, no tears come out,
And you ache to just not care.
The physical pain is hell,
But it's the scars that don't show,
That will kill even the strongest of minds,
And most times people don't even know.
My whole world crashed around me,
And in minutes everything was gone.
And everyone who thought they knew
Was shocked to find out they were wrong.
My ability to walk, my freedom,
And my lover were taken from me.
They all thought the broken back
Was the worst, but I was hurt emotionally.
My heart bled more than any other wound,
Yet I couldn't speak about what's inside.
Every time I tried to open up and tell them,
No words would come out and I just cried.
I spent nights sobbing myself to sleep,
Wondering how long this pain would last.
This is by far worse than anything
I've ever faced in the past.
The pain someone else endures,
Is usually different from your own reality.
Don't ever judge or think you know,
What you're unable to see.