Walter Kielbowicz


My name is Walter Kielbowicz and I live in Hatfield, MA. I graduated from Smith Academy in Hatfield. I was introduced to poetry in my freshman year. I am putting together my poems for a book of my own soon. I have some (4) Editor's Choice Awards and was also elected to the Hall of Fame on Januar…

Thru empty halls with nameless walls

  One might pass unforeseen
To be unknown and all alone

  Do you wonder what I mean
To search for love with one's heart

  And capture the emotion
When two people find true love

  Can there be devotion
To embark upon a journey

  High into a cloud
We must find the road of stars

  And call our names aloud
To rise above in search of love

  Heaven be our guide
With our hands, we close them tight

  Together side by side