Devon Bates

Thinking near my bedroom door!

I was born in Norfolk Virginia! Then I moved to Fayetteville North Carolina were I was raised and I reside today! I have kids and I am divorced! I am 41 I was born on July 18 1980! I love being a cancer I love who I am and God!

Standing near my bedroom door, I hear a whisper deep within my walls!
Slowly, silently, I won't answer!
Quiet no riots, what could that be?
My own self, I answer!
It's night in private I see her smiling! Grinding in bed with me until, weak! Minutes hours days years go by, I still won't ignore it!
True, I love it!
The whispers that say you're amazing!
My song on the radio life!
She's still playing!
Reliant loving gentle and kind!
Peaceful, a new melody!
My equal, there is no settling! Inspiration starts within!
Alone, I sit with my spark!
Love is that gift!
Swift, no words or money could ever compare!
To the time alone when we are dreaming on an island!
Elevation from the fair!
It's clear I adore mi amore she's life and I love her in truth!
The whispers in the wind will always be new!
My life my guide, my advocate and friend! My sister my mother my wife my daughter and then!
Infinitely forever you will feel when it's real!
Love in the wind!
Her thoughts, my mind will just heal! DevonBates2021©️