Debra K Middaugh  (TURBO1904)


My name is Debbie I'm 58 years old. Native to San Diego, CA. I'm a lesbian and a big supporter of LGBTQ community. I have struggled with addiction my whole life. I just started writing things down and before I knew it.

Being hated does not mean you have to hate,

  If you believe, you can change the fickle finger of fate.

  All twisted up with clowns and fools,

  Trying to build your home with the wrong tools.

  Always willing to pay the cost,

  If you stay stagnant , forever lost.

  Everything that bring comfort, disappears it's gone,

  For the love of GOD just hold on.

  Seeking answers you will never find,

  As you mature you realize it's a state of mind.

  It lives deep within the brain,

  No action then it remains the same.

  Stay focused on the task at hand,

  Try not to make promises, nothing goes as planned.

  Do not allow others to sail your ship,
I n the face of danger keep a stiff upper lip.

  Most things work out, they always do,

  Never let the problem get bigger you are.