Laela mj

Yellow sign


Can i be the cloud in the middle of
elsewhere... sometime it flow or stuck
Blue rain can not show how unsure
My feelings until he came
Through empty silent hole
Never imagine crying blue
Bare mind distrack sacred goal
Hopeless seems pretty close
I love you more pain
Bigger than spain , it flow now
Dont tell me about grief or sacrifice
Cuz freak society couldn't understand
How is it feel being able floating
Till the ash calling crowded

Regretfull they said ..
Stare at the courage object
Cover by white fabrick with close eye
Burried the past with uncertainty
If is it worthy to leave this light
Even the light never show it self, yet
Front door vibes smell dark, envelop
wishes at the top of circumstances
I can not escape, they're coming
No one help, they're coming