Keith Lankford


Former Contractor, advocate for individuals targeted in current counterintelligence community policing operations

The milky presence of the moonlight
Gave way to the rebirth of the sun
Splitting the darkness with ferocity
Sweeping the serpents to their dens
Leaving brilliant light for all
Replacing the distant flickering
Of the stars above now unseen
With their leaving much mourning
Echo’s of the night still in the air
The moon never to be forgotten
But a symbol of death to the receding sun
A symbol of life to the waters it dominates
Catching the warmth and light of the sun
Dismally returning a faint glimmer of cold night
Yet it welcomed the coming of the stars
Brides and grooms themselves shining
Thrusting out chaotic light in the fury of love
Mother Earth the great mother but a child herself
Her children orphans ruled by laws of Ancient decree
The midnight moonlight should never see them awake
A line stolen from a child herself
A lover of her youth a master of her craft
Both good and evil easily angry in her passion
Now the light of the eight pointed star
The evening star
Would reign again as the death of the sun comes once more