Keith Lankford

Trick or Treat

Former Contractor, advocate for individuals targeted in current counterintelligence community policing operations

Trick or treat
My little pretties
Gather around
We’ll share some ditties

As the moon light shines above
If you look you might find love
Etched among the lines
Carved by pain and time

Whittled as if a mask
Look closely you might run fast
But in the darkened night
You would run and scream in fright


For what will never be shown
More frightful then all known
What will never be seen
You will not find in dreams

What under the moonlit night
Is shadowed in plain sight
What you run from is yourself
You are running from the light

You are running out of time
These lines not only mine
The years have played with you
The one I see right through

The fire ambers hot
Sparkling in the night
I find myself alone