David Linsday

Pedestrian traffic

Once again, it's that time of year;
When human decency,
Gets shoved to the rear.
All the wrong people in your ear,
Run over by those in fifth gear.
Cutting you off,
They swear, snear, and scoff.
Flocking to sales like pigs,
Fiending for their troughs.
Trampling on themselves,
Clearing out the shelves,
Packing the stores and malls,
Laughing when someone falls;
Traffic on the "I-whine"!
Heaven forbid you stand in line.
Will the rest make it to work on time?
Inconvenienced, and out of sorts
The grinches and humbugs,
Look down their noses, derisive snorts.
Flailing through human traffic
The holidays have become tragic.

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