Devon Bates

Lighting and fire!

I was born in Norfolk Virginia! Then I moved to Fayetteville North Carolina were I was raised and I reside today! I have kids and I am divorced! I am 41 I was born on July 18 1980! I love being a cancer I love who I am and God!

Mezmorizing ways!
Love that won't misbehave!
Peace without war!
Truth without scores!
The breath in my air!
As long as she's there!
My sun in the sky!
My wind beneath time!
In the end I still love!
Truth she still hugs!
Not falling life calling!
Floating drifting flying no stalling!
The sky was red blue yellow purple gold!
Pink red orange yesterday in the cold!
Growing old warmth I hold!
Believing in love life the above!
At peace with myself!
Plaques aren't my best!
I love her endlessly!
Care how she feels!
Watch her as she sleeps!
Thankful to give!
A house with our kids!
My equal and friend!
The deepest thoughts are within!
For her I would grow!
Fail get up and continue to grow!
Even until this day my destiny!
A reason to live!
Love infinitely!
Endlessly glad for you in my past!
What a world!
Tornadoes hurricanes still no place like home!
A king is no king on his throne!
Without his queen still wishing him home!
Poetry in motion violins violas harps flutes!
Right and good music and hoops!
Live I will succeed I shall!
Possessing intelligence just being a man!