Leonid Rozumenko

Like a wonderful woman

Someone in your domain asks me to send a letter about myself. My pleasure - favorite topic. Who am I? Can’t keep a secret - athletic, open-minded, and generous, with a wide scope, love for women, good company. With love for science and to write something everlasting, which isn’t computer programm…

If you could deliver a beautiful thought –
The consequence never is new:
The beautiful woman has a separate float
And wouldn’t belong just to you!

And a pleasure to touch what’s in outer mind
Wouldn’t always be written with capitals –
The subliminal hand is too anxious to find,
And cherish the loveable genitals!

Yet Yesterday often gives reason to think
That mirror shows me the true master,
But Morning like a rival contests everything
And calls me “the joking disaster”.

Though one-time attractions wouldn’t lead me ahead
To be a short-time Virtuoso
And courage to use what’s inside of my head
It’s not the “Attempt of the Bozo”!

If you respect art, - it’s a wonderful woman
Who takes off her clothes and cliché
And artist-creator reminds me of a man
Who always may find what to shave!

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