Leonid Rozumenko


Someone in your domain asks me to send a letter about myself. My pleasure - favorite topic. Who am I? Can’t keep a secret - athletic, open-minded, and generous, with a wide scope, love for women, good company. With love for science and to write something everlasting, which isn’t computer programm…

When a wife is almost ready
For ritual undress
And you’re some stiffly steady
And busy with the math

It means you skip the ethics
With this sort of recline
And the joy of Mathematics
May put your life online.

Cause if the tempting touch
Drops arguments on the table,
Then death from deadly crunch
Is more inevitable.

Love may increase the revel
But taste could be unfair.
That’s why perception level
Admits the flying chair!

If an ambushed decadence,
Will act without a stammer, -
Then a sample of tolerance
Forgives foe with the hammer!

If a passion of your wife,
Like a statement, throws cosmetics,
Just think about life
Without Mathematics.

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