Leonid Rozumenko

My gorgeous Queen

Someone in your domain asks me to send a letter about myself. My pleasure - favorite topic. Who am I? Can’t keep a secret - athletic, open-minded, and generous, with a wide scope, love for women, good company. With love for science and to write something everlasting, which isn’t computer programm…

Like pirates symbol – “brigantine“
Has taste for alife and dead, –
Love is the same as a guillotine –
Both take off someone’s head.

Perfection shouldn’t be modest
And confident ex-teen,
She knows, she is a goddess,
My fresh and gorgeous Queen!

You scanned my eyes and I believe
For you, it wouldn’t be news, -
I want to taste you everywhere,
To swell your labia's juice!

You couldn’t give me everything,
But you’re a precious pearl,
When guaranteeing just a couple of things -
The pretty boy or girl!

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