Leonid Rozumenko

A Taboo

Someone in your domain asks me to send a letter about myself. My pleasure - favorite topic. Who am I? Can’t keep a secret - athletic, open-minded, and generous, with a wide scope, love for women, good company. With love for science and to write something everlasting, which isn’t computer programm…

Some charm, that isn’t so bad
And shows you as a lover
Involves not only head, -
It’s also something lower.

Taboo’s the sweetest wealth
Which swings with own grace.
That’s why without pants
You show your real face!

Yet, if your gift was checked
And tickling feels it awesome
Don’t grab the woman’s neck, -
Cause peace prefers the bosom!

Plus play with a faultless ruler
Means fun - statistics matter.
Love is the only ruler
In which size really matters!

And something “not a fork”
Inside of woman’s mouth
May turn a lazy jerk
Into a gorgeous spouse!

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