Lawrence S. Pertillar

Soiled Is The Normal

Soiled to have spoiled,
That normalcy.
And protected with an acceptance,
Is the throwing of childish tantrums.
As if ignored to dismiss and allow,
It to be sanctioned.
To overlook those feeling uncomfortable,
Of losing the face to perceive replaces...
An aging image of who represents,
The selling of democracy.
And what that is to become resented.

Many will claim,
Themselves to be patriotic.
Wavers of a flag torn and tattered.
With a pledging of their loyalty.
Although few of the many,
Will actually devote...
There time to give to a civic service,
To prove...
Their receiving of freedoms.
And entitlements to them given...
Have been deserving to get.
As a justified reward,
For vocalizing their disenchantment!

And who are they heard protesting most?
Of times for them changing,
From coast to coast?
Are the very ones upset,
By what others receive and get.
To yet not know a thing,
About what has made the United States...
Since the truth and reality of that,
They would rather evade.
Go out of their way to eliminate the facts.
While complaining and sitting,
Bemoaning the rise of diversity.
To believe their acts,
Of standing tall...
On the shoulders and carried on backs.
By the ones doing the work.

You know...
The 'they' of 'them'.
Criticized, disenfranchised...
Disparaged and victimized.
Used as tools to conveniently compare,
An absence of a quality of life.
Those already entitled to have rights,
To display their fading 'normalized'...
And tantrum throwing,
Comfortable to live lives...
Based upon lies and available deceptions.
With a doing to believe,
They have been made the victims...
Of their own bigoted,
And racist activities they have created.
They protest of being replaced!
In a place they wish all credit,
For what was once...
A destination to experience greatness!

Soiled is that normal.
By those who believe themselves,
Not only chosen.
But also descendents to fiction,
An image of royalty...
That has been historically to depict!