Traffic seeps down busy highways
Trickling with the pace of melting ice cream
Metal boxes play their metal tunes
All in high-fi, a quality stream

Its always white kids in white houses
On white blocks
They all talk to cops
Standing in line for silverware polish
Never anticipating the second shoe to drop

I just bought a new planner
Can't wait to see the hype
Gonna write out each day as if I've never
had one second in my damn life

My bad I couldn't squeeze you in though
It seemed too close to bear
My pen ran out of ink anyways
And pencil lead wouldn't be fair

Foot off the break now
I guess I'll tap the gas
Because now we're moving further
Dripping down the cone into the grass

The crackle of my sound system breaks me from this fog
Tosses me to the pavement and replaces persistent thoughts
Life isn't fair and it really shouldn't be
Because honestly where's the fun in equal opportunity