Michael Matalon


I love to discuss topics relating to physics, spirituality & business. I run a private equity investment company, but in my spare time I enjoy writing.

There are rules we know
and rules that hide
All we know is
we must abide

It starts off simple
tender with care
Don’t touch that!
and don’t go there!

We get to school
we yearn to learn
Soon we realize
it’s not our turn

There are others too
under the same rules
Being taught by rote
Being taught by fools

We’re conditioned for work
That’s a basic rule
If we want better work
pay for better school

The rules that hide
preached often by mothers
Things not to say or do
out of empathy for others

There are holy rules
There are money rules
There are driving rules
There are ruling rules

All being controlled
By power pools
All being powered
By greedy tools

What you chose to do
is not up to you
You must follow or fail
to pay what is due

So follow along
as best you can
Follow the rules
designed for man

Pay your tax
Pay what’s due
Pay the interest
Pay what’s new

Stay within the lines
and stay on the course
Keep your focus forward
like blinders on a horse

So what needs to be done
is not only up to you
Make sure to bite off
less than you can chew

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