Claudia Krizay

Like a Shadow

I am a 65 year old woman living with schizophrenia. My poetry is an expression of my inner self and my way of coping with difficult times and enjoying good times through my writing and artwork I have found a place for myself in this world.

Like a Shadow

I am none but a shadow
Of yesterday’s sorrows.

I am a shadow,
penetrating deeply
beneath the ground,

A shadow in the skies,
I have become unreachable-

After the stars had disappeared,
I became a shadow in the darkness.
I could not perceive the sunlight…

Like a shadow
I followed my leader, in every way,
Until I began to find myself.

Like a shadow,
I follow my dreams
Until I reach the skyline.
I am a shadow beneath the risen sun.

I become a darker shadow,
More visible to intruders.

I am a shadow
Dissolving when the rain falls in torrents.
After the rain subsides
I return to my power.

Like a shadow I slip beneath the door

With utmost gratitude-
I have become Invisible
to the world outside…

Claudia Krizay