Heather Lydia Thornhill


Moods and mindsets poetry. Published. Book in progress: Don't talk rot.

There isn't enough time to capture the focus of why we decided to support earth through this transitional period of truths end. Enough achievements have been reached, impress we did and more we have promised God and been promised. More we will please this motherly, fatherly oneness. However we decide to do it we capture what destiny pours in our racing or still laps. As we roar in amazement at what is sensed, however silently, a new earth is readying its platform, it is a given that we will succeed together but fresh time frames remain untouched in the cruelest stretches of imagination. Sometimes even forcing answers that no longer exist in this paradigm of reality. As always we can only reliably look within, but this will inevitably lead to looking outwardly, so "thank you for your opinion", I'm counting on it.

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