Jacklyn Roberts


Falling through the galaxy trying to get a grip on reality. Can't hold on I've fallen to far. Into the abyss where I just sit never attempting to escape always thinking it's to late. Maybe this is my fate... Sadness swirling all around I feel as if i might drown never getting off the ground. Fear overtakes me and I can't even breath all the air is being pushed out of me I try to gasp but it doesn't last and I slowly go into the black. My thoughts are loud but none are clear I wish they would whisper so I could hear. All them screaming at once I try to plug my ears but there's no escape from here. The tears flood down my face and the blood drops from my bracelet all down my arm it oozes out but some how I'm no longer in doubt I try to crawl out but I get pushed back in by all the things that drug me there in the first place..

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