Lawrence S. Pertillar

Replacing Reality

Just how far will the many,
Opposing truth and the facts of reality go?
To deny their own existence.
With a resisting this permitted.
Until it creates heated debates.
Boiling over into a civil unrest!

I hope your question,
Is not directed to me.
I have enough on my mind as it is.'

And, if it is directed to you?
You must have an opinion.

'My life to live it,
Has been based upon fiction.
Halloween, Thanksgiving.
Easter bunnies and colored eggs.
And other celebrated holidays.
That every month I am kept awake,
Trying to remember...
Anniversaries and birthdays,
I might have missed.
Then on top of that...
Imitating pretensions to charade,
For the sake of making false impressions.'

I had not thought about that.
But then again...
Who would know,
We've been taught to lie?
And deceive each other?

'That's what I'm saying.
If I attempted to confess,
To anyone I know...
I woke up to realize,
We all have been living to lie.
And to ourselves too!
That would create,
Conflict, division, racism and havoc!'

You do have a point.
And who would want a life to live like that?

'Not me.
Things are just fine the way the are!