Aquilla Bracken

God must have spent

Im a 33 year old single mom from Denver Co. I have always loved to write. I grew up in memphis Tn and I love to travel. I have lived many places but always found my way back home. I also love to sing but my voice is for church. It has always been me and my brother. We were 11 months apart so for 30…

When he made you he broke the mold
A beautiful person with a heart of gold
No one is perfect in this world of ours
So im not sure why when I met you I saw stars
And from then and now you stole my heart
A person with so much intellect
No wonder someone so special caught my interest
You never played a role to deceive my heart
You always played things smart
The things you go through i know you have to vent
But I know God must have spent
He spent time on you to make your soul
My heart you stole
God spent time on you
Mind, body, and soul