Monique Glaze

Anxiety why won't you let me be

I'm a Mother of four. Back in 2016 my ex tried to take my life and since then I SUFFER from anxiety really bad. There's days I can't come outside.

Anxiety ,why won't you let me be? Why do you keep attacking me?
I'm fine one minute,then the next I'm not, I have these sharp pains going through my heart.
My mouth gets very numbed,and my chest gets super tight
I feel like I'm dying,but I know I have to tell myself to hold on and fight!
No one really knows what it feels like,
People always tell me it will be alright!
Anxiety for me goes very deep!
It even pulls me out of my own sleep.
I don't wanna suffer anymore, Ugh! It's feels like a never ending nasty sore.
Anxiety please set me free,
Why won't you just let me be?