Lawrence S. Pertillar

Bold and Beautiful

So bold and beautiful.
Are the gifted.
And born blessed with natural talents.
None to which is applied motivation.
Or a discipline that acquires,
An incentive to achieve...
More than looking beautiful.
And bold enough to seek,
Someone on the internet...
That agrees to what they see.
From the waist up approving the makeup.
Adorning a gorgeous face.
Until shown to make known in reality...
How bold someone can be,
To say and have it to believe...
That a beauty to have it,
Is only skin deep!
It takes to hold and feel,
The reality from where...
That true hidden beauty comes.

Forgive my staring.
And I do understand what you said,
About your beauty being...
More than enough for me to handle.
I did not expect,
So much of you...
To be that thick with tremendous beauty!'

'I know.
Everyone I meet,
Tells me the same thing.
For whatever the reason,
People find it difficult to appreciate...
The all of me I have to give.
I'm not just a pretty face.
There is more of me deep inside!'

'I realize that. I can tell.
But just how deep within you,
Do you keep what is hidden...
Out of reach?'

'Will you stop kidding like that.
If you're lucky,
I might just keep my hold on you...
Until you will wish never to be let go!
My ecstasy is too blissful to leave.
Where do you think you are going?'

I'm leaving before,
I get too blissed.
And yelling from your 'overwhelming'...
I will say this,
You have been blessed...
With tremendous boldness!