Symbols of Best

In order to introduce the " World" to Championship Slender: they began, putting on bouts between pro's who were contracted to wrestle, The ancient Talus Style" this included what was deemed proper. A Five minute contest each grappler would stand prone, and start at the referrees conmand. a submission manuever could only be held for a 10 second pause. A cross-cover second pause could end the match if the referee, counts the shoulders to three. manuvering and ecsape credits to the both competitiers. With manuvering positioned in the highest favor. Outside of actual contention, these series of bouts rank each indivdaul, from 13 to 1. championships do not count, but if a champion losses his tilte : but was ranked high in Talus,
he might receive more Tilte oppurtunies as number one contender. and the same with being ranked number one Talus, and being unranked as a top contender, might give a Talus Champion Number contention to The world Tile.