Lana tbatou

Can You Bring Me Back To Life

I love writing poetry. Expressing my feelings and pains of different events in my life. I love singing, cooking and the great outdoors. I’m passionate and romantic and believe in love.

" Can You Bring Me Back To Life "

As I lay in bed and I think about thee

I wonder is this really mean't to be

Are you the man I'm mean't to hold

Are you the one who will stop my heart from turning cold

Will you take away the loneliness and bitterness my heart holds inside

Before it takes control of me and destroys my life

Are you the man who will set me free

Give me love again and let my heart and soul know peace

Come to me and let go

Lets touch one anothers hearts and souls

Reach down deep inside and please bring me back to life

Let me feel like a woman again

Wanted and needed till no end

Let me know what it is like to be alive

Please bring my heart and soul back to life

I'm dying inside my heart is withering away

I need love, passion and peace again someday

I want so much for it to be with you

Please tell me you want this also too

I want your heart, mind, and soul

If only I could touch you then you would know

Know this I want so much to love again

I want to be more , more than just a friend

I want to run my fingertips down your face

I want more than ever to feel your warm embrace

Your soft sweet lips I want to touch

Oh baby I need you, I want you so much

I want to ease your pain and suffering and lonely nights

I want you to know what love truly is like before you die

Please try and understand

I am different, I am not like other woman

I feel things that shouldn't be felt

I know things, I know them oh so well

If you know my world, my pain and bitterness inside

Then and only then can you bring me back to life

I'm reaching out my hand to you this night

Will you reach out and take it and hold it oh so tight

My life means nothing without you

Love me, For I want so much to love you