Lawrence S. Pertillar

Knowing Nothing Else

It should not be difficult to understand,
And it to discover...
We are people,
Born and raised on lies told by others.
Others to grow to know nothing else,
But what has been to them told to tell.
Victims defending their own manipulation.
And mentally,
To never be persuaded or accept...
Deluded truth to fiction reality,
Can be a dangerous existence to live.
If adopting to adapt to fantasies to wish.
For the masquerading to charade,
An imitating of pretensions.
Serving no other purpose,
But to entertain the selling of a lie told.
Since no one consciously,
Will ever come to agree...
What reality is to live it.
Yet can quote verbatim...
Word for word a message heard on TV,
A suggestion made...
By an animated animal.
How certain foods to eat,
And chemicalized beverages to drink.
Will enhance their appearances.
With erasing their blemishes and flaws!