Devon Bates

Tell the truth forsake the lie!

I was born in Norfolk Virginia! Then I moved to Fayetteville North Carolina were I was raised and I reside today! I have kids and I am divorced! I am 41 I was born on July 18 1980! I love being a cancer I love who I am and God!

I am grateful! To long I've been forsaken! The best God brings stays next to me! At times, it's harder to do the right thing! Some people greet destiny! In the end, I am who I am! I love women to the point of insanity! Treasure peace yet will not let you handle me! Would rather be honest, even if to me, it's damaging! Kept skeletons as well, won't judge! A mean mug once I'm in the mood! If I believe in it, I stand with it! I got married then! The best part of my day is God and the beautiful lady that sits on my lap naked! Some can not handle it! DevonBates2021©️