Carl Semien

WISDOM name is Carl Anthony Semien, I was born on Oct 25th 1957 in Lake Charles, La. I found my passion for writing poetry when I entered my first poetry contest with in 1997 with the poem "A Place" which gave me my first poetry Editor's Choice Award. Since then I've published two poe…

Wisdom is not just a six letter word, but it’s advice to apply from others what you heard.
Wisdom seeks knowledge in all forms it may endure.
When you are gifted with wisdom, most of your decisions are sure.
Never give anyone wisdom from what you haven’t acquired….
Cause we will not understand your words, and we’ll assume somewhere you lied.
Wisdom speaks when no one else is around, through my experiences, this is what I’ve found.
Age doesn’t always matter, in some forms of wisdom we see!
That it can just be one kind word, that can set us all free.
So acquire wisdom, through everything you don’t understand!
Trials are designed to make us stronger, whether woman or man!