Claudia Krizay

My Walk on the Trail

I am a 65 year old woman living with schizophrenia. My poetry is an expression of my inner self and my way of coping with difficult times and enjoying good times through my writing and artwork I have found a place for myself in this world.

My Walk on the Trail

Listen to the silence, like a whisper-
Some insane melody coming to life?
Perhaps the spirits in this world have evaded me-
An indecipherable feeling, overwhelming…
A moment for celebration!

My reflection in a pond, so still, is becoming like paradise,
With the calling of a nightingale, so magical-
A flight from veracity?

I spread my gilded wings, as they lift me higher and higher-
Looking down over the treetops, leaves changing hue-
Copper, burnt sienna and golden…

Listen to the silence- I am alone,
Sensing so much gratitude in this moment, so regal-
While November snow begins to fall.

Snowflakes become as tiny fairies dancing
Clothed in silken white lace-
My shadow lingers behind me,
As a cool breeze rustles my hair-

I am coming closer and closer to my heaven.
I walk alone listening to the mesmerizing silence
That resonates like muted chimes
Throughout the forest.

The sun peeks through clouds of good fortune.
I am living my dream- some sort of an insane fantasy,
Free from conniving wrath.
Solitude has become so splendidly majestic,
Beautiful and harmonious-

I hear a voice whisper to me amidst the stillness:
“Never allow your fantasies to be carried away by the wind.
Keep listening to the silence,
And never stop dreaming…”

Claudia Krizay