Danesha “NESH” Robinson


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She longs for genuine continuance in connection. You are attracted to her beauty, her physical attributes but not her inner being. She searches for someone to understand who she truly is. She is so much more then a good lay, she is so much more than mere time consumption. She is worth more than attaching her heart to you and you ghosting her. She is a solid connection, one that benefits because she carries Christ in her heart. She loves you genuinely. She motivates you daily to be the best version of you. She doesn’t require anything but quality time and faithfulness. She longs to not open up to you and once you get a gist of what she wants, you defile all that she didn’t crave. She is a vessel, pieces of truth wrapped in discovery. While all along trying to remain poised through this process of seeking. Why can’t she gain a real Connection? What does her personality exude that makes one want to use n abuse her. She wipes away the pain that sits at her core, opening her eyes on each new awakening still carrying hope this too shall pass. Knowing that she can’t be defined like the rest, however always striving to give her best. For at her best, she is love. A positive reformation that can assist in molding your life. She longs for genuine continuance in connection. Been on this path of uncertainty for so long, sometimes the minutes of the day eat away at her craving to press forward. All she asks is that you be good to her for once. Give back what she issues to you and don’t misuse the gifts she brings to the table. She is worth far more then a good lay..she is a queen only wanting to be placed on the mantle that you’ve crafted so hidden on display. What is it that you can’t see?

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