Danesha “NESH” Robinson


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You seem different..my curiosity has me desiring to explore your specific avenues. Watching how you look at me from a cameras view, I can solely imagine the depth I’d fall Into if close to you. Your brownskin so pure makes me want to caress it. Your lips look like honeysuckles on a summer tree daybreak, how can I taste it? Curiosity has my fingers crossed optimistic this time you will fit. Fit into my perspective of a grafted love story, so solid but explicit. Can you handle it? You say you are anxious when you see me. Could curiosity be heightened if we really take it there..giving you all of me. Tip toeing around the butterflies I get just based off your compliments. Wishing the energy you give will remain if I allow you to deposit. Deposit your inner vulnerable moments you haven’t shared with anyone but want to with me. I’m something you’ve never experienced, I can be your minds deepest fantasy. Curiosity has me wondering are you prepared emotionally for a queen as me. My love is similar to paradise. A journey that takes a minute to arrive to, but that exploration sends euphoria to your every incline. Can I take you on a ride? Make you fall so hard for me you will question your sanity. Looking in the mirror asking after a failed attempt how can she be so perfect for me. You are different..hoping you wanna stay. Not just take me on a sex ride then fall back when you want to go back to hunting and play. Watching how you look at me from a cameras view..my curiosity really has me captivated pondering ways to subdue you. How would your lips taste pressed softly against mine. If we go there would you arch my back while gripping my neck shooting chills down my spine. Curiosity has me paying attention to you..but a big girl knows…be patient.. things will fall in line in due time.

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