Danesha “NESH” Robinson

Please Be Different

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A flower that blossoms with integrity, spread free as the sun hits her brown skin. Bruises make her lose her petals, but she continues to press as she asks you to please be different. Can you handle her heart with care? Are you willing to peel through her deepest layers if she takes you there? Please be different. As some seeds down in her soil have spoiled her timely growth. She chokes as she tries to cough up all the residue of what isn’t good for her. She admires you though. Please be different. Stay consistent. She loves surprises, dates she wouldn’t have thought of, snuggle time found in her layer of love. All of this she desires from you. A field of other flowers yet none are as rare as her. She doesn’t require a lot of work, just steady maintenance to make sure she properly blooms. Understand she has survived so many seasons on her own. Yet in the dark hours of the night once the sun disappears, she longs for companionship. Once the light hits she is back to standing out yet conspicuous in her appearance. She loves deep, her loyalty is dedicated to one, can you help subdue her fears. Please be different, too many florists with the same old tune. Over n over she starts to trust them and yet they left her for doom. She has healed from betrayals that she will bury, into her next season she gallops in the fields yet she is cautious. Please be different, too many have seen her good and still abused what she genuinely gives. In the end she still blossoms with integrity as her affection is unmatched. It stays locked for the one who properly prepares to nurture her heaviest waters. Please be different, she has faith in you.


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