Danesha “NESH” Robinson

Love me

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Learning everyday how to truly love me. Embracing that I am uniquely made and mastering the feeling gained from expectations. We all have to adapt to accepting what our DNA does to better someone else. When you love me, it can’t be compared to once what was felt. I strive to cause irreplaceable chaos to the world that you started to get complacent in my love is a challenge to help you grow, it will leave your bad habits in the wind. Learning to truly love who I am to you is timeless. Waking up daily to affection, as our eyes meet for connection, I’ll handle that erection but after let’s work on building a better tomorrow. I wanna show you how chapters with me can enlarge how your mind flows. Let’s build business together, plan days to relax when it’s bad weather, demonstrate to our kids how to boss up in life. Even when facing obstacles I am here to be one source of light. For you, learning to love me is a blessing. Riding through tribulations when you thought I’d abandon you, but instead I became the backbone. Reminding you of the strength you carry to tackle anything. Learning to love me is not going to be easy, I can promise it will be worth the challenge. You will know I’m loyal, faithful, pray to keep you safe and willing to walk this path with you. Teamwork is what makes dreams fall through. Learning to love me, can be just another reason you smile every day. When will you stop Fighting and just let me have my way? Learn to love me…our paradise will be essential. Are you willing to give in? Or would you rather keep searching in a world full of distractions that later will damage your heart, how you process emotions, and importantly effect your mental.


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