Aldo kraas


Aldo kraas I been writing poems for 26 Years now i

I don't know if
I will still be alive
Here on earth
I can't say nothing about
I just have to way and see
Because it is my father
That looks after my life
Here on earth
If my father let me live
For another day
I will thank my father
For giving me
One more day to live
I am hoping that
He will allow me to
Live another day in peace
Here on earth
It is not me who owns my
It is my father who owns my
I am just one of my
Father's children
I am so proud to be
My father's child
We have a good
Relationship like father
And son
I am not a youth anymore
My youth life is over
Now I am a grown up men
Yes my father gave me
Some freedom
To live my life the
Way I want
And I am very happy about that
Also I have good friends
That I've known for
35 years