Kriss Luckett

Woman Within

Songwriter, amateur poet, professional performing musician. I'm also an artist, and "mom" to an amazing 12 year old son. I live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and son (who are my musical partners), and a ridiculous number of pets. I'm a self-employed massage therapist, and have owned…

A cleft of virgin flesh still present,
A sliver of purity, yet untouched
(and unavailable, thank you so much)
Drives me - the last little part of me
That has yet to be misunderstood,
Raped and squandered,
Taken for his use, her use,
Even my own use.
And through that cleft shines
A brilliant light - my fire
From Woman Within
That drives me, and makes me
Beat my own breast in autonomy and creative lust -
But no,
You may NOT have it,
Touch it, see it, or steal it.
It is the Fire of Woman.
Look into the heart of it...
You will see God.