Richard Newton Sherrer

The Compassionate God

I was born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania. It was a small family farm that was handed down through 8 generations of Sherrer men until my father; Newton just could not make a living from it any longer. He thought that I would make a better living away from the farm. So, I decided to join th…

Praise the Lord, O my Soul,
Praise as long as I live;
Letting him in control,
Through comfort He does give.

I sing praises to God,
For there is salvation;
I shall honor and laud,
Building my foundation.

Put no trust in princes,
Nor in the son of man;
They rule in provinces,
But having not a plan.

And when His breaths depart,
He returns back to earth;
That perishes the heart,
Not showing its true worth.

Blessings is he whose aid,
And hope is in the Lord;
Positive and not afraid,
While in one accord.

Who made Heaven and earth,
All the fish in the sea;
Of faith knowing its worth,
And what God does decree.

Who executes justice,
Gives food to the hungry;
Grace to those who confess,
And honors His decree.

The Lord opens the eyes,
Making the deaf to hear;
Wisdom to make them wise,
To those who will revere.

The Lord loves the righteous,
Watches over strangers;
Chastise the licentious,
Wicked of sin wagers.

The Lord reigns forever,
To all generations;
His love will not sever,
That gives aspirations.

Copyright © 2021 Richard Newton Sherrer