Bill and U. Harve

Baines Bratt

It's believed he wishes to love her, as husband. She has alliagence to no man, and has many male freinds she is involved with.

What wonder mind ye have
done; that your want of me
is to be ignored
Your need to satisfy me
what words to be explored
Kiss me deep and think I
caress of your love
endearing thought what
barest not
Of love to be explored
Chore in compliment
Til your mind wonders next
I am emotionless a purpose
one needs not explain.
Leave me now, like left all others
Who wish impossible things
If you love me like you say you
do, I would need not to explain.
I am unconnected of your thoughts
I don't keep you in mind.
Give me what I want or I will
act unkind.