Lawrence S. Pertillar

Broken Toys

Whose responsibility is it.
If people themselves are parents,
Raising children.
Lacking in respect and discipline.
Incapable to listen.
Or obey to make it their priority,
To pay undivided attention given.
Whose responsibility is that?

Whose accountable for actions taken,
To accept and dismiss...
Every excuse there is.
While tolerating a patience,
That accuses teachers, preachers.
And others on a list to blame,
Claiming them not to be the leaders...
In communities where they live?

And these are the leaders,
Selected and picked.
To have not one,
Qualified or licensed to be a psychiatrist.
Although have told them repeatedly,
Time again...

'The home is where many mistakes made,
Go ignored that should be corrected.
And no one should expect,
Outsiders to arrive...
To supply and apply,
Glue to fix broken toys.
With a teaching to break them.
Then to ignore tantrums allowed!'

'I know you are not to us saying,
Our way to raise our children...
Could be better done?
How rude and appalling!'

What we have said,
Time and time again...
If you permit a doing to continue,
Neither one of us is a warden.
Have patience enough to sit,
Listening to any of you...
Claiming everything you did to do,
To buy and pay for toys...
Your children, now grown,
Never shown an appreciation...
For what you then did!'

What do you expect us to do now?!'

'Be adults.
And accept,
Those playgrounds have long gone.
With a doing the best you can,
To explain that to your 'children'.
Sitting behind bars.
Wherever that prison is.
Built at the taxpayers' expense!'

We object to your judgmental sentiments.
They are nolonger called prisons.
They are referred to as being,
Rehabilitation centers.
Get your facts straight.
Before you attempt to make,
Such offensive assessments!'

'You are right!
Denial to abuse,
Is a disgraceful truth of a tool to use.
In the face of those,
Clinging onto their delusions.
Isn't it?'

'Don't try to change the subject.
Who do you think we are?
Children who raised children,
To stay that way?
Or irresponsible adults to pretend,
We can imitate them.'

'Good question.
But that answer to get,
Would require time no one has.
Or be paid enough,
For the patience it takes!