My name is Lwazi Praiseworth Mgulwa from Kamastone Village; Whittlesea. I am from a family passionate about writing and exploring different phenomena. As a village boy I grew up being taught to live by guiding principles which made me to be who I am now. I was made to understand the situation of my…

Men nowadays are so unjust
Children yet don’t know who to trust
Scared the brutality within them
Lions have lost their brutality to them

Children are confused and yet innocent
But their eyes capture all these traumatic events
There’s a man behind them
Who destruct all their conscious minds

Children are scared to walk
Because dogs have lost their barking
There’s something missing
And that needs proper fixing

Men nowadays are so unjust
Trust and humanity died within him
When children see them today
They are afraid of that animal in them

When will they say ‘daddy or uncle’ in peace,
Where’s they don’t care about their future?
Oh! They don’t know who to trust

Within our lives there’s something missing

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