Jade Ggita


Jade Ggita Nantaba is a Ugandan Poet with a passion for writting both poems and novels. Her wprks include, All the boys, published on Wattpad.

I killed someone
Mopped her blood
With the cut-outs of her kind, loving and naïve skin
Everybody loved her but me
She always pleased everyone but me
I wish I never met her

I killed someone
Her death wasn’t easy
She got bullied, her reputation darkened by those she trusted
She had cast a blind eye to all the love and attention
She gave but was taken for granted
She was selflessly friends with everyone
 I stabbed her with the broken pieces of her own heart
I wish I never met her

I killed someone
I still hear distant pleas of her soul for sympathy
Her bleeding hands knock at my pride sealed door
Her eyes, dehydrated from crying stare at my materialistic spirit
My heart’s still not made of diamonds
 So to quench her thirst,
 I prescribe a sip of pain every now and then
So that she can remember exactly what she went through
I wish I never met her.

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